Saturday, September 26, 2009

October womens church craft day ...

Sign up for the crafts starts tomorrow!  YaY!
More of my other crafts besides the magnets that we will be making ...
get ready ladies ... :) xo
Star for the tree ...
I can see that the glue is still a little wet behind the birdie, I was in a hurry ...
it will be sweet when it's dry :)
the Tussie's Mussies ...
the display with the magnets on top ... these will be on the table tomorrow at church :)
the flowers up close
I had fun making these today ...
I hope the ladies will enjoy it too!
Sally xo
ps...more crafts below in the following blog :)


  1. These are gorgeous and so feminine! Love them.

  2. Thank you Tammy :) I had lots of fun making them... I hope the group of ladies have as much fun too!

  3. Oh my goodness these are STUNNING! Adorable, I love them.

    THanks for sharing!


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