Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birds of a Feather....

New to the shop...feathers have made an entrance :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mothers Day :)

Better late then the saying goes... I had a great Mothers Day :) I hope all you other Mom's out there did too!

Got a fruit bouquet from one of my was so fresh, yummy and coated in first fruit bouquet ever...I was blown away :)
I hated to break it apart just to eat it, when it was so pretty...but you do what you have to do...LOL

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Show & Tell - Paper Doll Girls

I've been meaning to start a section called "show and tell" for all of you lovely buyers and supporters of mine!!! I would love to show off your wares on your etsy site, blog, or website, where ever you are listed! 
let me know, I love to show what you making  :)

I am finally....getting around to this ... YAY!  :)

This "Show and Tell" goes out to Trish or "Pookie from Laredo" as her new blog is named... 
She is one of my shoppers who visits me from Australia ... she makes these darling little brooches, she has many different styles and go with all outfits!  I love the ladies used on these...Sooo retro, soooo cute!!!  So, what do you say girls...too cute! ... am I right or am I right ...Yay! Darling Trish! 
 Please drop by and visit her shop, a wonderful Etsy shop owner and buyer!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My New Find

While driving up the coast visiting the antique shops we found this wonderful find in Coos Bay ... I couldn't believe it!  It's mine, I snapped it right up .... YAY!  Talk about being excited...I've been re-arranging my craft room  for my new library card file holder.  It stands about 5ft tall and is about 4 ft wide, there are 54 drawers to it and it comes on wheels, I figured I'd never see another one of these babies!!!
I'm lovin it,  I'm still trying to figure out where I'm putting everything and I still need to label all the drawers.  But WOW!  I'm a happy camper :) Very cool!  Here's some pics...

My Name Steven Seagal

While in Bandon, OR.  We noticed right after we got to our hotel room that we had a pet ...  we would see  our new pet "Steven Seagal" (our new pets name)  hanging around the deck waiting for us to come out and visit him...too cute, he was always out there, just waiting...rain or shine
We made a trip to the coast this last week...visiting Expressions Gallery 
where I also have some of my things located in Old Town Bandon...such a cute place!  
This is so quaint...I love it here!
Here is their new website ...
so if in the southern Oregon coast area've got to stop by and visit!  
There's a wonderful coffee shop too in town!!!!
Hey...there's some of my things...yippee...
We sure enjoyed our visit and mini work vacation.... :) it was well needed!!  
...Stay tuned for the next posting will be more of Bandon and surrounding area...

Got Picked for aTreasury

YAY!!! Got picked for a treasury, earrings on the bottom right ... Thank you so much Martha of opendoorstudio !!! Please drop over and take a look at their site full of vintage, retro and fun items...
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