Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Show & Tell - Paper Doll Girls

I've been meaning to start a section called "show and tell" for all of you lovely buyers and supporters of mine!!! I would love to show off your wares on your etsy site, blog, or website, where ever you are listed! 
let me know, I love to show what you making  :)

I am finally....getting around to this ... YAY!  :)

This "Show and Tell" goes out to Trish or "Pookie from Laredo" as her new blog is named... 
She is one of my shoppers who visits me from Australia ... she makes these darling little brooches, she has many different styles and colors...to go with all outfits!  I love the ladies used on these...Sooo retro, soooo cute!!!  So, what do you say girls...too cute! ... am I right or am I right ...Yay! Darling Trish! 
 Please drop by and visit her shop, a wonderful Etsy shop owner and buyer!


  1. Excellent idea your show and tell!!!I love these brooches!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  2. These are so adorable, I will diffently check out Trish's shop. Thanks for sharing these with everyone. And by the way, I love your blog, just found you. I a new follower also. I'll be back often. Smiles, Carol Mae

  3. Hi Cat! Good to see you here! I know aren't those so cute though! Thxs for dropping by :) Sally

  4. Hi Carol! Welcome :) I'm glad you found me... :) I love having followers...I'm not a big updater, or writer...but I do get in here off and on...lol
    That's wonderful...I'm so glad you're going over to check out Trish's site!!! Shes great! Thanks for the new follow too :) I love having new friends.
    I'll come check out your blog too :) Sally

  5. Oh wow! This is a super cool blog!


I love comments! Thank you for stopping by my blog :) Sally

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