Friday, January 8, 2010

A Work in Progress...The Mannequin

Here's the scoop ... it all started one day with a dingy grey material body. This poor girl had been sitting out in the rain over at a neighbors house. After a few days of watching her just sit there I couldn't stand it and had to go rescue her. I worked up the nerve to go and ask "can I have the mannequin?" I promise to take good care of her. Like at this point it would matter... lol
My job was cut out for me! First things first she had to be dried out and then the work started. I ended up covering her almost like a pinata with lots of paper and glue. No candy inside this girl. When I finished I was pretty satisfied, however I'm already thinking I'd like to re-do the "look" so one of these days...there will be a do-over. If you've worked on a mannequin drop me a comment and let me know I'd love to come see your girl :)


  1. Aaaaggghhhh! Sally, I've got a big case of mannequin envy!!!! And you got her for free! You lucky, lucky woman:) Mannequins and dress forms are very expensive. I had the top half of a mannequin that my brother wrangled for me from a JC Penney's store. Alas, when I moved from Texas, I had to leave her behind; I simply didn't have room. The possibilities for 're-dressing' your girl are endless. Of course, I'm biased, but I think decoupaded with lots of French postcards would be awesome:)!

  2. Hi Trishia,
    I know...I about died to just see it sitting out there...getting ruined, and wet, and then dragging her home...I think my husband thought I had lost it! hahaha

    Oooh la la...the French postcards design sounds yummy! That would for sure make for the most gorgeous piece of work! I wish!!

    For a while I was content with the newsprint, but she will probably get a new something ... later this year. I think I may keep her lines more on the lighter side so that for pics the jewelry bits show up and it's not fighting the camera. We'll see...

    Good to see you here! And thanks so much for the freebies! xoxo


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