Thursday, June 23, 2011

The 300 Follower Bash ... continued from last blog entry were cooking with gas....LOL

I am always in a edit seems I have been all my life... Can I just ever get it right the first time...well, not usually...hehehe.  My husband says that I speak backwards or mix things up or some time just, after I've spoken ?? Not the I'm so impressed with "wow"  but the confused with "wow" like "really" did you really just say that!  Its just a fact of life :) But, to go on with the Blog giveaway...Here is the place!

The 300 count I spoke of earlier in the post "actually" over at Cherished Bliss 
{Ashleys' Blog} I said facebook in the previous go to the blog...but, then still go over and visit her at her facebook site too, and run up her #'s there too! Maybe she'll be at 300 there real quick too! to run!!!'s been great :)

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