Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day Three of the Giveaway

Here is Day three....Dont miss these! Come on over to see Ashley's website 
And get entered in these wonderful giveaways... Such neat little pendants and so much more ... and in the meantime getting to meet these different guest with's blog and prizes... by Reasons to Skip the Housework 

Ok...cuttin it short...I gotta run...but do go and visit!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Now what's it gonna be...the computer or the car?

Will it get back to normal??  Got a minute...I gotta vent, well it's not really venting...I don't think :) LOL

My week just in the life of electronics...
First my laptop that I hang onto 24 hours a day, like a baby with a Binky...just went back into the shop! I know...{insert gasp}After about 4 days I got it back still not working well, now it's back in for 5 more or so days...{really?} Then my car's has been having trouble steering...yeah...little things like trouble banking turns, parking and just steering in general...remember that movie years ago called "HAL" I think it was...where the computer took over the house and anyone in it, yeah, that's my car!...{Wow} I know!!! and it was making horrible noises....LOL   Well, now it's been in the shop now for 5 days!!! Yikes!!! Expensive!!!!!'s cool, everything's gonna work out...

In the meantime I had bought myself an Apple you Apple people don't get up-set with me...I absolutely loved the graphics on those, I thought it would be great for the photo's and all on my shop...that's why I went that direction.  But after 2 weeks of trying to learn this Apple with Windows installed on it so I could toggle back and forth so to speak...I took it back today :(  {Aw}
I just can't get it down, it's not helping me with the business side of things. I'm having my old Dell wiped clean and putting in new updated versions of my old programs :) I already feel like a happy camper once again :)  {YaY!}

I guess I learned that I don't do change well :) My car's like 20 years computer's is newer than the car...but I do have a tendency to hang on :) Well, that's it! :) I have learned that you can live without your laptop! And your car...all you gotta do is use the other old Desktop PC and Swipe your husbands truck off and on... aw...There now...I feel much better!

Thanks for the Chat!

The 300 Follower Bash ... Day two

Day two is here of the giveaway!!!

Have you stopped on over to Cherished Bliss?? A good read from the guest blogger post Janette from The Johanson Journey  *Est. 5.26.07* on social networking, interesting...

Anyway...stop on over...get in on the fun!

I'll be back..... xo for now ...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The 300 Follower Bash ... continued from last blog entry were cooking with gas....LOL

I am always in a edit seems I have been all my life... Can I just ever get it right the first time...well, not usually...hehehe.  My husband says that I speak backwards or mix things up or some time just, after I've spoken ?? Not the I'm so impressed with "wow"  but the confused with "wow" like "really" did you really just say that!  Its just a fact of life :) But, to go on with the Blog giveaway...Here is the place!

The 300 count I spoke of earlier in the post "actually" over at Cherished Bliss 
{Ashleys' Blog} I said facebook in the previous go to the blog...but, then still go over and visit her at her facebook site too, and run up her #'s there too! Maybe she'll be at 300 there real quick too! to run!!!'s been great :)

Check it OUT!

Would you want to win some neat goodies??? Do you like darling hair baubles???

Then you have to stop on over to Cherished Bliss and give Ashley some "love" on her facebook...she is working her way up to getting 300 people on her site! She's almost there :) When this happens she is going to be having some fun things going on... One of which, is an entry ... where you might be the happy recipient of  a little package out of my shop!!! goodies for making all those darling headbands you girls love!

So, stop on by her fb and give her some love!!!  Then stop on by her website too! Ashley makes such darling hair goodies for little girls...I just have to stick in this one for you to see...  it's to die for!!!!  You can find it on a bunch of the "Sophia Grace" shots taken by Traci Ryant Photography  who does wonderful photography...I might add!!!

Thank you all...and I look forward to see who's going to be winning some of my goodies from "alittlescrappy"  :) Oh...did I forget to mention that if you do stop Ashley's facebook and Blog...that you can ALSO stop by my shop and enter in the code:  CBLISS  and get 10% off your purchases....shipping not included....So come on girls.....

Check it OUT!!!  
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