Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sickness in the air

My husband has been feeling like he was coming down with something...well it hit!  This morning, I was running from the get go...trying to get ready for church, and then fit in a little shopping trip for throat drops, popsicles and the like...just anything that might make him feel better.  He did call me his nurse!  I felt very complimented on my services :)

I started a batch of soup in the crock-pot first before I left the house...pure brothy type with all the good veggies, I know it hit the spot, but the cold will just have to run it's course.  I think, I have a few days before I come down with it...not to be on the negative side of things...just that I misplaced my coffee drink the other day, so proceeded to take a big swig out of his...thinking it was mine.
A goner for sure!
It all started here...
hopefully this will last him a couple of days...
nothing like homemade soup when you sick....sorry honey !!!

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