Friday, February 12, 2010

Bandon's Oldtown, Oregon

Bandon Oregon in Old-town is having some fun things happenings this Valentine weekend...I received an email from them the other day, they had written up a little blurp about the weekend and about my domino jewelry.  YAY! Another big honor!   Thank you Expressions Gallery, wish I could be with you this weekend!
Bandon is a quaint fun town to visit down the coastline of Oregon almost to CA...if your over in that area this weekend...stop on into the Gallery and visit the shop, tell  Anne I sent you!
Expressions Gallery supports the local artists from all over the Oregon area.  YAY!


  1. Such a lovely place.I had a peak at some of soldered work and I just love it all.I'm itching to get into that,but havent taken that leap yet(: Have a wonderful day!!Warmest regards,Cat

  2. Sally, that's great that your domino pins are sold there. Don't be getting too hoity-toity th'o just cause you're featured in a gallery!hehehe
    Hugs, trishia

  3. Hi Cat! Too funny...I feel exactly the same way with the resin...I would love to do that too. I have bought the supplies ages ago, but still just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. I love your giveaway pendant! I put a little blurp on my blog for you :) I gotta be entered in for that little beauty! Thanks for writing...I am a follower of yours now :) Sally

  4. Hi Trishia!!! It's been fun talking back and forth with you so much lately! And oh, yeah now I'm famous...LOL I'll try to keep myself under control...hehehe.
    Thank you for the scans!


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