Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Thanks to "Frenchkissed"

Wow!  I stopped by my email tonight and got such a big surprise!!!  I have to say I was blown away and so thrilled with joy that Trishia of "Frenchkissed" made my day :)  Such nice praise!!  Trishia had stopped by my new shop  "alittlescrappy"  last week and placed an order for some of my "french script" ribbons and  tags  for some fun and pretty "French" packaging for her beautiful postcards! 
I feel so honored that she picked me to help her out with this :)
Trishia mentions my ribbons on her blog  I'm blown away!   Thank you Trishia!!  That's just way too cool!!
Here's a few samples of ribbons with script on them...Oh, hehehe...I forgot to take pictures of the brown script ribbons, before I mailed them out to Trishia...but you can see them on her blog.

If you're not following her blog...add it to your list! Me too!

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