Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I've been featured... Yahoo!

Such a wonderful surprise when you get a message that you've been featured !!!  Here you are, just going about your day and you stop to check your emails...and get the've been featured on someones cool is that!!!  What's else is amazing to me about the blogger world is that Carla lives in Australia, and I'm in the States, and she just happen to find me, what a neat way to make a friend :)  I truly  find all of this so amazing!  What would we do without our 

Thank YOU Carla! For all the nice words and praises on my "French" themed goodies listed on my "alittlescrappy" site on Etsy!  I appreciate it !!!!!      :)  xo


  1. It's my pleasure =)I just adore your items on etsy!

  2. I kept editing this...hahaha...I'm not much of a writer, like I said. I don't know how when you write something and someone subscribes like you are to this...are you getting notice after notice??? oh, I hope not! If so sorry :) lol

  3. Congratulations on your feature. Thanks for following my blog. I am following your beautiful blog now. You have some lovely things!
    Have a great day.

  4. Thank you Sunday Girl I appreciate your kind comments! You are so welcome! I love finding blogs to follow :) Your blog is now showing up on the blog roll on the right-hand side of my page...always good to meet new friends!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and writing :)

  5. Congrats Sally! It's always exciting to be featured :) I will be featuring you when I make the skirt and dress I've been dreaming about in my head. You really do have a fabulous little etsy shop!

  6. Thank you Katie!!! I'm thrilled about that! I can't wait to see your shirt and dress :) Thank you for stopping by my blog, you're on my blog list too! Thank you for visiting my shop "alittlescrappy" and shopping with me!! xo Sally


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