Friday, November 26, 2010

French Clothes Pins Featured

Yay!!! My French stamped clothespins were mentioned in this cool blog the other day :)

I just had to put a little blurp on my site here about Veronica's Blog called Cest La VV.  She did a wonderful tablescape for their Thanksgiving meal ... so fun, pumpkins worked into it and all I was thrilled that she'd used my French stamped clothespins to hold a beautiful peacock feather to her green napkins!!!

Thanks Veronica for the mention!!!  That was very cool to see those on your blog :)

Stop by when you get a chance to visit Veronica's Shop , to read a little about her, you may have just found you personal  Designer here ... creating Design Sessions and Color Consults, how cool would that be!!!

Loving your yummy store!  Simply in love with the kitchen papers ...

Thanks all ... Hope everyone's re-cooping after eating so much yesterday ... LOL   

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