Monday, June 14, 2010

My Little Scrappy Give Away! Sunday June 20th

You could be the winner !!!! My first give-a-way! "A Little Scrappy" shop ... YAY!

You must first come and visit Nancy's  wonderful blog to get all the information.  Nancy makes beautiful table-scapes, shows decorating tips, "how to's" and much will also find the entry rules here for my little give-a-way there. :)
Nancy has a shop on etsy, stop on over it is loaded up with beautiful English Transferware....yummy!   
Here's a screen shot of her front page...I know...stop drooling...

She has used some of my French stamped ribbons on which I added more birds  
for her theme on her cute little cloche's :)

 I love how all her pictures she took turned out, you'll have to go look :)  I've grabbed a few of them to show you here...but wait she is not this week goes on she will be adding more items to all the lovely pictures ... YAY!

Look at what Nancy does with Tables...WOW!

 cute use of my little birdie bags....
So stay tuned into Nancy's blog.  
Follow all the directions...and maybe I'll be talking with you :) soon...


  1. What a Wonderful blog you have here! I just might have to go shopping at your little shop! Looks like some pretty cool stuff! I will definitely be back!


  2. Thank you Linda! I'm glad you stopped on by to say hi :) I love it:) I see you are with the group over at "City Crafters" so nice to meet you :) Sally

  3. I just came back from you little Scrapy Shop. I really enjoyed making a wish list. i absolutly love the french stamped ribbons.

  4. Just a note to let you know I was here. Your trims are exquisite!

  5. Hi Barbara and Free Indeed....hahaha cute name :) Thank you both for stopping on by :) Cross you


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