Thursday, June 24, 2010

Show & Tell - Mia Moo

Katie is one of my wonderful customers from Puerto Rico, she recently finished a sewing project and promised to show me when she was done...YaY!  Thank YOU Katie...I love show and tells!
I was so excited to see she pictures!
These darling girls modeling are Katies girls...aren't they just so cute! All decked out in their new summer dresses trimmed with the little pom pom ball trim that is carried in my shop.
Too cute Katie!!!  I love it!!!
Here's where Katie blogs...

Come visit Katie's blogs for more of her Photography and her Craftiness...
Thank you Katie!  They turned out just darling :)  xoxo


  1. Hi Sally! Thanks for the kind words and for the little shout out! I have absolutely loved working with you and look forward to buying more goodies from your shop. Will you be getting anymore pom pom trim? I would like to buy some vanilla colored pom pom trim for the next dresses I have bouncing around in my head. Thanks Sally!

  2. Hi Katie! You are sooo welcome :) I loved working with you too!
    I hope to get more pom pom trim in...I will keep the vanilla color in mind :)
    Good as always to talk with you!
    Sally :)


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