Sunday, September 19, 2010

Etsy Treasury - The Lady in Red for Halloween

Etsy Treasury - by  CassiopeiaArt

oooh... look at this ... the lady in red for Halloween another etsy treasury of wonderful reds that ran this last week with wicked fun and shocking reds!  I love the Stilettos here by objekt even makes me want to wear heals again after all these years ... LOL, Those lips oh my!!!  The better to kiss you with ... by allurebyjen  this is some of her heat moisturizing lip gloss, yummm, that even sounds good to me! :)
I see wolfartglass is in this treasury with this beautiful goblet in red and black we seem to be running into each other as they were in the lime green treasury below also :)  I love being put in such good company!   And these darling corset laced arm warmers so sexy and girlie!  By  ZenAndCoffee.   Wow, what a neat Red  Halloween Treasury.  This is just a sample of fun reds...for more stop on by each one of their etsy sites and enjoy seeing RED!

Now don't forget to go to CassiopeiaArts site, who came up with all these wonderful mixes of Red for her Treasury!  They carry lots of photography full of the beauty of nature, architectural elements, seascapes, landscapes, animals, and skies. So get started ....

Thank you .... CassiopeiaArt!
For adding my Red Boa into this group with all the others!

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  1. Sally, congrats on getting into this treasury. I love it--RED is THE color for me.


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