Thursday, September 16, 2010

Etsy Treasury - Live Lime

Etsy Treasury - by Sabahnur 

How YUMMY... A Lime green colored Treasury this is Fantastic!!!  Such a Great color!
WOW ... I'll say one thing, you can't miss it that's for sure ... LOL

I meant to get this up the other day...and as usual I seem to be running behind time again :)  But, this treasury must have made a huge impact ... I just went back tonight to look at it once again, and it was up to 5 pages of responses from have to go and check it out :) 911 views when I was there ...

Here's just a little about a couple of the shops listed here ... NoniBam has this cute kilt pin brooch shown with little drops of yummy gems and wires...another jewelry shop is PoleStar with a too die for Peridot briolette which is just beautiful! And there's more ...
Cute little paper globes made by Atelierpompadour, beautiful hand blown glass ornaments by wolfartglass that are just gorgeous ... I haven't listed even a third of all who's included within this group, so you are just going to have to drop on over and take a look for yourself and of course, you can't forget to go and visit the curator of this lime green wonder Sabahnur who makes darling little hand made crocheted animals soooo cute!  Sabahnur picked out of my shop,  alittlescrappy some of my lime green French stamped mini sized clothespins ... pictured here :)
for a bigger clip here's some similar in a standard sized

Thanks for dropping by my blog ...
Make sure to go and visit this Treasury, leave remarks, give out hearts and maybe buy something you just can't live without!!

Thanks again Sabahnur!


  1. I love this! I am honored to be included in such a gorgeous list and on your blog :D

  2. what a lovely blog!! thank you for sharing again!!


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