Friday, September 17, 2010


"10 Tuesday Treats" is a segment of a cute blog called Supermom, Alysha the owner of this blog is doing some re-vamping, with Tuesdays as a special time to show and or talk about shops listed on Etsy!  This first segment this last Tuesday was on Wooden Finds, and I felt so honored to have been one of the shops picked with my French stamped natural clothespins :)          

Alysha's blogging started off as a way to share life with her distant family members and now she just can't go without it! It's a "mommy-blog" she admits, but you can find spots about photography, crafts, recipes and more.  A very cute blog ... and now I'm a follower too  :)  Thanks for finding me Alysha!  Sally

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  1. What a sweet read up. I am now following your blog too :) So glad I found you :)


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