Sunday, September 19, 2010

Etsy Treasury - The Lady in Red for Halloween

Etsy Treasury - by  CassiopeiaArt

oooh... look at this ... the lady in red for Halloween another etsy treasury of wonderful reds that ran this last week with wicked fun and shocking reds!  I love the Stilettos here by objekt even makes me want to wear heals again after all these years ... LOL, Those lips oh my!!!  The better to kiss you with ... by allurebyjen  this is some of her heat moisturizing lip gloss, yummm, that even sounds good to me! :)
I see wolfartglass is in this treasury with this beautiful goblet in red and black we seem to be running into each other as they were in the lime green treasury below also :)  I love being put in such good company!   And these darling corset laced arm warmers so sexy and girlie!  By  ZenAndCoffee.   Wow, what a neat Red  Halloween Treasury.  This is just a sample of fun reds...for more stop on by each one of their etsy sites and enjoy seeing RED!

Now don't forget to go to CassiopeiaArts site, who came up with all these wonderful mixes of Red for her Treasury!  They carry lots of photography full of the beauty of nature, architectural elements, seascapes, landscapes, animals, and skies. So get started ....

Thank you .... CassiopeiaArt!
For adding my Red Boa into this group with all the others!

Friday, September 17, 2010


"10 Tuesday Treats" is a segment of a cute blog called Supermom, Alysha the owner of this blog is doing some re-vamping, with Tuesdays as a special time to show and or talk about shops listed on Etsy!  This first segment this last Tuesday was on Wooden Finds, and I felt so honored to have been one of the shops picked with my French stamped natural clothespins :)          

Alysha's blogging started off as a way to share life with her distant family members and now she just can't go without it! It's a "mommy-blog" she admits, but you can find spots about photography, crafts, recipes and more.  A very cute blog ... and now I'm a follower too  :)  Thanks for finding me Alysha!  Sally

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Etsy Treasury - Live Lime

Etsy Treasury - by Sabahnur 

How YUMMY... A Lime green colored Treasury this is Fantastic!!!  Such a Great color!
WOW ... I'll say one thing, you can't miss it that's for sure ... LOL

I meant to get this up the other day...and as usual I seem to be running behind time again :)  But, this treasury must have made a huge impact ... I just went back tonight to look at it once again, and it was up to 5 pages of responses from have to go and check it out :) 911 views when I was there ...

Here's just a little about a couple of the shops listed here ... NoniBam has this cute kilt pin brooch shown with little drops of yummy gems and wires...another jewelry shop is PoleStar with a too die for Peridot briolette which is just beautiful! And there's more ...
Cute little paper globes made by Atelierpompadour, beautiful hand blown glass ornaments by wolfartglass that are just gorgeous ... I haven't listed even a third of all who's included within this group, so you are just going to have to drop on over and take a look for yourself and of course, you can't forget to go and visit the curator of this lime green wonder Sabahnur who makes darling little hand made crocheted animals soooo cute!  Sabahnur picked out of my shop,  alittlescrappy some of my lime green French stamped mini sized clothespins ... pictured here :)
for a bigger clip here's some similar in a standard sized

Thanks for dropping by my blog ...
Make sure to go and visit this Treasury, leave remarks, give out hearts and maybe buy something you just can't live without!!

Thanks again Sabahnur!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Etsy Treasury - Little Millinery Shop

Etsy Treasury - by Noodle

Such a sweet treasury!!!  I love this, soft pastels yummy vintage and more!  Lots of fun items for making crafts and decorating ... beautiful flowers from 32NorthSupplies ... I'm may have to get some of these  :) !!!  A darling little pin cushion...oh so sweet from the ShabbyQueen!  Gorgeous threads and other sewing items listed by MillineryMiss and if you love sewing here's a picture  from LolasRoom ... how cool would this picture be hanging in your sewing or craft room.  Fun retro items like hats, and a hat box from Jackiedretroboutique and Breathecoutures and Carolmai's store

These items took me back to the younger days of my Mom ... she had hat boxes for all her hats stored up in her closet and shoe boxes stacked up with all her high heels ... not a stitch out of place, in an era of where hats were worn every Sunday to church with matching shoes, gloves and beautiful fur pieces!!!  Wow,I used to just look at Mom and think ... she is just gorgeous!  Right out of Vogue! 

I truly fell in love with this treasury ... I'm late getting this listed on my blog, time had gotten away from me, but still truly worth the visit to all these shops! 

I felt very honored to be included with this lovely group for my ribbon shown here that I carry in my shop at AlittleScrappy.  There are more shops listed here within this awesome treasury, besides the ones mentioned above ... take some time here to just enjoy, relax into an era when life went slower things were more simplistic :)  Go and visit them all and enjoy their beautiful items :) 

Now don't forget while your taking all this in ... to visit the creator of this treasury Noodles!  She has wonderful fun items :)  Here's a little preview from her profile ... "Our little nook at Etsy is like a tiny, dusty drift shop in a small, friendly town, shelves packed with strange and unusual items, retro oddities and vintage glamour vanities, along handmade arts and crafts."

Thank you Noodle!!! for your wonderful treasury of memories for me :)

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