Sunday, August 15, 2010

Etsy Treasury - Coraline Underworld

Etsy Treasury - by lilicorvo

I awoke this morning to the wonderful news that my aLittleScrappy shop had one of the many pretty ribbons I carry listed in another treasury!  whoo hoo! Wow, Tobacco Brown last week and the Salmon Pink today!  I do have to admit these ribbons are truly beautiful! 

I had a flash back the moment I saw this treasury ... now, I know this is shades of corals ... but it's been real hot out here in Oregon lately... and my mind immediately went to those cute little dixie cups of vanilla and orange sherbet ice-cream, the kind we used to get as kids :)  I was thinking how refreshing that sounded about now ... but of course, I dont have any :(     So for now ... I'll just stare at the treasury and drool .... LOL

Wonderful treasury Lili!  I love all the goodies you found in shades of coral...just yummy!!!
Double click on the picture to enlarge it, you can then read the names of the shops :)

   Yep that's me 3rd over at the bottom :)  There are so many pretties here ... I know these Etsy Shops would just looooove to have you come over and visit them :) maybe even give them a heart, or better might find that've been looking know that thing ... then you must also check out
Lili's shop too!   She makes little hand made goodies and lives in London how cool is that, hummm wonder if she knows the Beatles ???  LOL   Oh, she also has a blog :)

Thanks again Lili :)

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  1. Thanks Sally! This is so lovely!
    Thanks for mentioning my shop and blog too!
    And no, haven't met the Beatles yet, seen some other celebs instead ahaah
    Take care.


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