Sunday, August 29, 2010

Etsy Treasury - I've Got Hang Ups

Etsy Treasury - by ViragoCreations

Speaking of hang little lime green clothespins made it into this cute and colorful Treasury by Audrey of ViragoCreations.  Such wonderful colors here it's reminds me of Mexico  :)   Lots of fun and practical items listed here to help hang up and organize our daily lives...Yay!

Hop on over and visit ViragoCreations where she sells beads and treasures on etsy and then don't forget to go see the other artists listed here on their Etsy sites!  Have a fun time looking around, and maybe it will bring you some organization  :)
Thanks again Audrey for listing me  in your wonderful Treasury!  You can also find Audrey on her blog, I'm going there next to check it out  :)

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