Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Natural with Blue Ink Clothepins ... found a home :)'s been forever since I've been on here to write or so it seems!

I've been away off and on for vacation :)  YAY!  Doesn't this look fun...some  of the grandkids at playing at the beach.

I had left my shop open while gone so that shoppers could shop! Once back, I jumped  right back into action :) catching up on all my orders ...YAY

Thank you to all of you who stuck with me through the 6 days of being gone on vacation :) 
thank you all sooooo much!

Yep, that's me over by the tree :)

I just renewed my phone and this time I have internet!!! YAY!!!  I got the "DROID"  not the brand new version, but the one before that.
This was so great!  I was able to get online and renew my orders ... no computer or anything, just my phone .... so SUPER stinkin cool.  Now I still haven't read the phone manual, which by the way I still need too!  Because I'm sure there is a ton of things I could learn out of it, that I didn't know...I'm just so thrilled with the whole internet deal!  YAY!!!

 Today, I got a posting from "Chibia Adventures", Kataryna had ordered some clothespins from me ... what a sweetheart!
She loves to sew for her little one,  I wanted to show off her blog, and  say thank you to for the write up she did on these clothespins from my shop  :) When you get a minute drop by her etsy site too... it's like rainbows over there :) 
Makes one happy...

Here's a little insert...from her blog...
the chibi adventures: Raining wine and unicorns!: "So i haven't mentioned yet but my day job (at night ;-) is at a popular wine bar in Philadelphia. One of the perks is that I have to attend..."
Thank you Kataryna !!

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