Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eiffel Tower Bags in a Wonderful Setting

Nancy from over at Nancy's Daily Dish...has outdone herself again with a beautifully done French Black and White theme... ooh la la

If you like dishes ... Nancy carries Transferware on her Etsy site,  love IT!  They're  sooo beautiful.  Visit her blog to see her set of  black and white, and check out her silverware used in this!! The table is purely elegant!! In the midst of all her wonderful work she informed me that she had used some of my little Eiffel Tower bags too, they just look so cute with it all:) YAY!!!
Thanks Nancy!!! I love it :)


  1. Sally,

    I'm so glad you liked the post. It was fun to create and I just love your Eiffel Tower bags.
    I kept thinking the whole time that I'd wished I'd gotten some of your hand stamped ribbon with black ink. It would have been cute tied around the goblets. Oh well...has me thinking about using some of the others you sent me!

    Thanks for sharing my post with your readers.
    I love your shop and all you do!


  2. Nancy...I do I do... Everyone of your blogs is great! All sooo pretty :) I think you must be a blog expert the way you put things together! LOL

    I couldn't even remember what I had sent you ... no black inked ribbons huh, only the lavender? Will have to fix that one of these days :)
    I have always thought about doing a black ribbon with white writing, but I'm not sure if the white ink would hold out like the black ink?

    I'll have to go and look just to see what I sent you again :)

    I loved your article! It was a nice little touch on history.

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. You're welcome Sally. Thanks for your sweet remarks. Hey, do you think you could do some candles similar to the ones in my post? I am wanting to get some.

  4. Hi Nancy!

    Yes...did you have a particular size you want?

  5. Nancy...Well, I should have asked more...LOL Were you also thinking of white or creamy color? And I should say I haven't done any, but I think I can! :)

  6. Oh geez, I am in love with your style! I totally love the clothespins you make! I can't stop raving about them! I posted a little tidbit in my latest blog entry, but believe you me, I am going to be showcasing these foxy ladies over and over and over again! Thank you!!!!!

  7. Hi Kataryna! I'm coming over to visit your blog :) Yay...thanks so much for the kind and wonderful words about my clothespins...I'm so happy you like them :) It's Great!


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