Monday, July 12, 2010

Retro Style - Etsy Treasury

Etsy Treasury - by Babinkia1981
Well YAY! My soft blue/green lace was listed in a "Retro Style" treasury today ... and all I can think to say is "farout" LOL ... said so John Denver like...hehehe
Thank you "Babinka1981"  How fun this is...wonderful great things of the past!  I love it!!!
When you go to click on this treasury link, please stop by all to see these artists and enjoy some time looking at each etsy site they have, such a fun thing to do...get a cup of coffee...and enjoy!  Don't forget to stop by Babinkia1981 the designer of this treasury... and give her a big heart!  In reading about Babinkia (Sabina) on her etsy site you will see that she runs a couple etsy shops ... and also a blog, which I am on my way over to right now, soooo...that's it for today, go enjoy the sites!  :)

Thanks Sabina so much for including me in your treasury today!  I truly appreciate it :)

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  1. Thanks a lot! i love this treasury too, it looks so romantic!

    Thanks you!
    sabina - babinka1981


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