Friday, July 9, 2010

Lacy Blue...Summer Days...Etsy Treasury!

Etsy Treasury... by Metroceramico
Awwww...this evening, I found out that one of my new little lacy labels which I call my "cotton doily bits" ... was listed in this Treasury...Yippee!!!  What a wonderful sweet soft shade of blue treasury, boy I just barely made it in there, with the one blue flower ... lol !!!

These items in blue look so yummy together, and such a fitting day for that wonderful "pool" blue look, as the weather has been so warm ... right now its 8:43pm it's 85 outside, and 87 inside ... it's warm in my house!

Just looking at this treasury, is calming and cooling!  Thank you Metroceramico from NY... I just love your Treasury!  And I so appreciate you putting me in it with all these other lovelies!!!  You can go directly to the treasury page to see all the artistic people here...names and shops all fun!

If you love ceramics, it's a must ...drop on over to Mertroceramico's etsy site to say hi and give them a big "heart"  ceramics is one of my longings...maybe someday I'll learn!  But in the mean time...I'll just have to visit pretty shops like this and drool over the workmenship! Just beautiful :)

Thank you so much, for including me in your Treasury!!!
I appreciate it :) xo Sally

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