Saturday, July 3, 2010

Its In the Mail :) ... Winner of Nancy's Daily Dish

ooh la la ... It's in the mail Melanie!

Yay ... Melanie, a real Sweetie, Mother & Wife ... who is interested in Home Styling ... Tablescaping ... Cooking ... Thrifting ... Crafting ... Collecting and more as her blog mentions was the winner of Nancy's Daily Dish held this last June, I was offering a $15.00 giveaway on Nancy's site... stop by to say hi to both of the girls at their blogs...tell them I sent you :) 

I'm honored and excited that Melanie picked out for her daughter's birthday party this little purple theme ... I hope she loves it! Thank you Melanie, it's been fun working with you !!!  xo Sally


  1. Lovely lovely purple, did I tell you that is my favorite shades.
    I sent a card to you, have you receive it yet?

  2. Hi Kirsty!

    No, you didn't tell me those were your favorite colors...I like the purple also :)

    Oh ... how nice Kirsty! I haven't seen the card yet, but I haven't been out to the mail today, I'm so efficient... lol I better go out here pretty soon, it's dark! Maybe tomorrow! Well...Thank you in advance! :) I'll let you know when I get it for sure :)


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