Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alphabet Blog Hop...

My Alphabet blog hop.... The Letter "S"
I'm late getting these on...I hope to get more on later today!!!


  1. lovely photos...i love that in the top right shade one there's actually an "S" shape in the shadow!!

  2. LOL...too funny I didn't even see that "S" in the picture. Thanks for telling me :)

  3. what a lovely garden. Am a tad late in posting my photos for Qs too! I love the hidden S on the bench!

  4. Lovely shadow work... and is that your shed? It's so pretty with all the flowers in bloom... x

  5. Sally, what a brilliant idea! I love the photos. The photo of the shed makes me wish I had one....Trish

    P.S. I am going back to using my blogspot blog--just re-doing it this weekend.

  6. Thank you all for the comments...I'm late at writing back on these...

    Aizkim...thank you...I love gardening! One of my favorite things to do :) So funny I didn't even see that "S" hahaha... I'm glad I wasn't the only getting in on the late side of things...we made it though! I joined your blog too! Love it! And wow...Q

    Janine...joined your blog also! Such wonderful photo work! Wow...those flowers just were breathtaking!

    Thanks for dropping by girls ... hopefully you'll see me over at your blogs off and on... :) Sally

  7. Hi Trish!
    So you decided to move back over huh...I'll have to come and take a look...I've been bad the last couple of days...just today, went and visited the girls up above :)They were all doing the "alpha" blog hop...I thought that was such a cute idea...I just had to do it too :)

    Yeah...I love my little shed, it's just stuffed full of things like the lawn mower, edger...and everything else you can get in it, I wish we'd made it a little bigger, we talked about it, but then thought oh no...we'll have plenty of room...hahaha


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