Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Queen of Hearts She Had Some Tarts

Etsy Treasury - JennsStudio

What's red, black and white all over....I got it!!!  It's this dramatic etsy treasury put together from JennsStudio...WOW!  I feel so chic being included in this group of loveliness...

Thanks Jenn for including me with all these wonderful artists :)  Stop by this etsy treasury to see the names and wonderful works of all these different artists!  It's sooo fun to do....I just love it :)

Then work your way over to Jenn's shop, where she paints from her Studio in Canada with her oils...oooh...such talent! :) then next over to her blog  ...I'm going over there next...maybe I'll see you there :)

Thanks again Jenn ...

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