Sunday, August 29, 2010

Etsy Treasury - For the Love of Script

Etsy Treasury - SteampunkAsunder

I got listed today in a Treasury about the "Love of Script"  and I must say that I feel exactly the same way about Script too ... I absolutely love it! I saw this Treasury and just went bonkers!!!  I love everyone of the items in this Treasury ...  Thank you so much for including my robins egg blue painted french stamped grunge  clothespins! 

Stop on over to SteampunkAsunder's site and see all the neat curiosities and oddites carried in the shop! Lots of fun items to use ... for all kinds of projects!  I love these little glass jars sooo cute! 
I see also listed on their site that they have a jewelry shop and digital collage sheets.  Looks like I'm going to have to grab a cup of coffee and spend some time searching these sites ... how fun!  :)

Thank you so much for including me in your Treasury!!!  These are all so yummy ... you've just got to take some time and go visit each etsy site here, it's worth it for sure!

Etsy Treasury - I've Got Hang Ups

Etsy Treasury - by ViragoCreations

Speaking of hang little lime green clothespins made it into this cute and colorful Treasury by Audrey of ViragoCreations.  Such wonderful colors here it's reminds me of Mexico  :)   Lots of fun and practical items listed here to help hang up and organize our daily lives...Yay!

Hop on over and visit ViragoCreations where she sells beads and treasures on etsy and then don't forget to go see the other artists listed here on their Etsy sites!  Have a fun time looking around, and maybe it will bring you some organization  :)
Thanks again Audrey for listing me  in your wonderful Treasury!  You can also find Audrey on her blog, I'm going there next to check it out  :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Etsy Treasury - Coraline Underworld

Etsy Treasury - by lilicorvo

I awoke this morning to the wonderful news that my aLittleScrappy shop had one of the many pretty ribbons I carry listed in another treasury!  whoo hoo! Wow, Tobacco Brown last week and the Salmon Pink today!  I do have to admit these ribbons are truly beautiful! 

I had a flash back the moment I saw this treasury ... now, I know this is shades of corals ... but it's been real hot out here in Oregon lately... and my mind immediately went to those cute little dixie cups of vanilla and orange sherbet ice-cream, the kind we used to get as kids :)  I was thinking how refreshing that sounded about now ... but of course, I dont have any :(     So for now ... I'll just stare at the treasury and drool .... LOL

Wonderful treasury Lili!  I love all the goodies you found in shades of coral...just yummy!!!
Double click on the picture to enlarge it, you can then read the names of the shops :)

   Yep that's me 3rd over at the bottom :)  There are so many pretties here ... I know these Etsy Shops would just looooove to have you come over and visit them :) maybe even give them a heart, or better might find that've been looking know that thing ... then you must also check out
Lili's shop too!   She makes little hand made goodies and lives in London how cool is that, hummm wonder if she knows the Beatles ???  LOL   Oh, she also has a blog :)

Thanks again Lili :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Facebook Box Layout ... Are we staying or going ???

So I was reading this morning that Facebook says they are doing away with the "boxes" soon ... I'm not sure what all that means, but just in case I'm storing my "fbml" page that I'd made which is a "box tab" called "come visit me" on here for now minus the blog part since this is the blog  :)  I don't know why...but thought I might want this coding some day...who knows...LOL  So here it sits, until I see what actually does or doesn't disappear on the 23rd of this month :)
Come visit me over at Jammertail Designs Website

For Scraps and Supplies on Etsy

My Jewelry on Etsy

Jammertail on Etsy
A Little Scrappy on Etsy

Thanks for stopping by :)

YAY ... Etsy Treasury - Her Name was Amethyst . . .

Etsy TreasuryBy Ravenswhimzy

I'm late at getting this Treasury listed on my blog (sorry) ... but it's not too late to go and visit all the shops owners shown here on this wonderful Treasury from Ravenswhimzy... Yummy Amethyst shades of purple ....  So pretty and dramatic ... Such beauties...

Thanks Raven for including me in the fun :) I'm the ribbon shot in the 2nd from bottom row, third over :)  This isn't really a purple, but it is my Tobacco Brown color...looks like purple here ... Stop by this etsy treasury to see the names and wonderful works of all these different artists!  Such fun :)

Then work your way over to Ravenswhimzy etsy shop where she carries fun Steampunk items and more, I had to mention that I was excited that she lives in Oregon too ... YAY!!!
Here's a little clip taken from here write up on her Etsy Site...Here you will find Steampunk, Neo Victorian and Post-Apocalyptic gear and decor ... so head on over to see some really cool and fun things  :)
Thanks again Raven ...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Natural with Blue Ink Clothepins ... found a home :)'s been forever since I've been on here to write or so it seems!

I've been away off and on for vacation :)  YAY!  Doesn't this look fun...some  of the grandkids at playing at the beach.

I had left my shop open while gone so that shoppers could shop! Once back, I jumped  right back into action :) catching up on all my orders ...YAY

Thank you to all of you who stuck with me through the 6 days of being gone on vacation :) 
thank you all sooooo much!

Yep, that's me over by the tree :)

I just renewed my phone and this time I have internet!!! YAY!!!  I got the "DROID"  not the brand new version, but the one before that.
This was so great!  I was able to get online and renew my orders ... no computer or anything, just my phone .... so SUPER stinkin cool.  Now I still haven't read the phone manual, which by the way I still need too!  Because I'm sure there is a ton of things I could learn out of it, that I didn't know...I'm just so thrilled with the whole internet deal!  YAY!!!

 Today, I got a posting from "Chibia Adventures", Kataryna had ordered some clothespins from me ... what a sweetheart!
She loves to sew for her little one,  I wanted to show off her blog, and  say thank you to for the write up she did on these clothespins from my shop  :) When you get a minute drop by her etsy site too... it's like rainbows over there :) 
Makes one happy...

Here's a little insert...from her blog...
the chibi adventures: Raining wine and unicorns!: "So i haven't mentioned yet but my day job (at night ;-) is at a popular wine bar in Philadelphia. One of the perks is that I have to attend..."
Thank you Kataryna !!
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