Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eiffel Tower Bags in a Wonderful Setting

Nancy from over at Nancy's Daily Dish...has outdone herself again with a beautifully done French Black and White theme... ooh la la

If you like dishes ... Nancy carries Transferware on her Etsy site,  love IT!  They're  sooo beautiful.  Visit her blog to see her set of  black and white, and check out her silverware used in this!! The table is purely elegant!! In the midst of all her wonderful work she informed me that she had used some of my little Eiffel Tower bags too, they just look so cute with it all:) YAY!!!
Thanks Nancy!!! I love it :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Queen of Hearts She Had Some Tarts

Etsy Treasury - JennsStudio

What's red, black and white all over....I got it!!!  It's this dramatic etsy treasury put together from JennsStudio...WOW!  I feel so chic being included in this group of loveliness...

Thanks Jenn for including me with all these wonderful artists :)  Stop by this etsy treasury to see the names and wonderful works of all these different artists!  It's sooo fun to do....I just love it :)

Then work your way over to Jenn's shop, where she paints from her Studio in Canada with her oils...oooh...such talent! :) then next over to her blog  ...I'm going over there next...maybe I'll see you there :)

Thanks again Jenn ...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alphabet Blog Hop...

My Alphabet blog hop.... The Letter "S"
I'm late getting these on...I hope to get more on later today!!!

Alphabet Blog Hop...

Well...nothing like the last minute!!! LOL
I just came across this fun blog tonight, well I guess it's morning actually as it is 1:30 am here right already Thursday... How fun...I'm glad I found this blog which tells about an "alphabet blog hop"  I signed up for the letter "S" so I will be taking my picture later this morning (after I get some sleep) and getting it posted... I think it will be so much fun doing this and visiting all the other sites blog links back to their pictures of this weeks alphabet blog fun, I can't wait!
Well...that's it for now...gotta get some sleep :) So I can even do this...... :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

French Inspired - EtsyTreasury

French ? by Babinka1981
ooh la la ..... another visit today from Babinka1981 (aka...Sabina) she is one busy girl and shes been at it again :) I'm all over this group...yummy!!! Check out this treasury people, all French...with hues of cream and :) French Eiffel Tower Tags got included with this lovely array of Frenchness!

Like I always say ... please stop on over and visit these wonderful shops listed in the treasury let them know you were there xo :) And don't stop there...hop on over to Babinka1981's shops too...she knits, makes jewelry and pretty flowers. Visit her blog and here's a little insight about Sabina that you find out from reading her blog, she is from Lithuania and blogs as a record of all the beautiful things she finds and some creations she makes ... That's all you get :) you gotta stop on by to get the full story....

Thanks once again Sabina!!! Wow two days in a row ... don't know if I'll be able to live with myself ... LOL

Monday, July 12, 2010

Retro Style - Etsy Treasury

Etsy Treasury - by Babinkia1981
Well YAY! My soft blue/green lace was listed in a "Retro Style" treasury today ... and all I can think to say is "farout" LOL ... said so John Denver like...hehehe
Thank you "Babinka1981"  How fun this is...wonderful great things of the past!  I love it!!!
When you go to click on this treasury link, please stop by all to see these artists and enjoy some time looking at each etsy site they have, such a fun thing to do...get a cup of coffee...and enjoy!  Don't forget to stop by Babinkia1981 the designer of this treasury... and give her a big heart!  In reading about Babinkia (Sabina) on her etsy site you will see that she runs a couple etsy shops ... and also a blog, which I am on my way over to right now, soooo...that's it for today, go enjoy the sites!  :)

Thanks Sabina so much for including me in your treasury today!  I truly appreciate it :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lacy Blue...Summer Days...Etsy Treasury!

Etsy Treasury... by Metroceramico
Awwww...this evening, I found out that one of my new little lacy labels which I call my "cotton doily bits" ... was listed in this Treasury...Yippee!!!  What a wonderful sweet soft shade of blue treasury, boy I just barely made it in there, with the one blue flower ... lol !!!

These items in blue look so yummy together, and such a fitting day for that wonderful "pool" blue look, as the weather has been so warm ... right now its 8:43pm it's 85 outside, and 87 inside ... it's warm in my house!

Just looking at this treasury, is calming and cooling!  Thank you Metroceramico from NY... I just love your Treasury!  And I so appreciate you putting me in it with all these other lovelies!!!  You can go directly to the treasury page to see all the artistic people here...names and shops all fun!

If you love ceramics, it's a must ...drop on over to Mertroceramico's etsy site to say hi and give them a big "heart"  ceramics is one of my longings...maybe someday I'll learn!  But in the mean time...I'll just have to visit pretty shops like this and drool over the workmenship! Just beautiful :)

Thank you so much, for including me in your Treasury!!!
I appreciate it :) xo Sally

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Felt Flowers

I love flowers...and these almost look like they could have been picked right out of my yard.  These are the new wool felt felting flower pieces I have added this last week into my etsy shop....some yummy yummy color combo's...felted together, the effect is almost a soft watercolor or tie dyed look. Yumm!

Thanks for looking!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ooh la la ...Etsy Treasury...Hatch In France

Woke up this morning to find out that one of my trims is listed in a wonderful treasury!!!  Who Hoo!!!  Who would have guessed that trims would be sooooo beautiful together :)

Thank you "hatchedinfrance"  I love it, if you don't want to leave this page you can double click on the picture here also, you should be able to read all the names of the other shops included here too...
When you got a minute drop on over to their etsy site to say hi and give them a big "heart"  Here's a little bit of how their etsy site starts out by saying  "I search the many french flea markets (known as vide greniers) in my part of southern France to find items you can cherish in your home or be used in your craft projects" ... oh...I wish I was with her when she hurry ... stop on over to finish reading about their shop and see what lovely goodies they carry!  Oh yeah...not to forget you must stop by their blog also!  Gotta run...I'm going there next!

Thank you so much Jacq,  for including me in your Treasury!!!
I appreciate it :) xo Sally

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Show and Tell ~ Sylvia's Corner

Happy Forth of July to Everyone!!!

I received my third "Show and Tell" this morning when I got back from church! YAY ... I love show and tells!

Just in time ... celebrating the 4th...Sylvia a wonderful customer and the winner from the "City Crafter Challenge Blog week #10... :)  Sylvia was nice enough to share what she has just made using some of my ribbon from on my etsy site ... whoo hoo.

Sylvia mentions  in her bio that she is a lady born to create!  And when you look over at her blog you will agree with her...she was born to create!!!  She loves arts and crafts, making cards and many other projects.  She loves to garden and design...totally my kind of girl !!!
Sylvia has a shop on Etsy where she shows off more of her talents ...

So, when you get a minute stop by her blog and check it out :)  You've just got to check out that piece of rock on her's gorgeous! Thanks so much Sylvia for showing us the wonderful 4th of July card you made :) Here's a sneak peak of her wonderful work! 
And I must follow that with "God Bless America"  we are truly a blessed Nation ...
I pray that we always remember and never take that for-granted ...
Thank you LORD

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Its In the Mail :) ... Winner of Nancy's Daily Dish

ooh la la ... It's in the mail Melanie!

Yay ... Melanie, a real Sweetie, Mother & Wife ... who is interested in Home Styling ... Tablescaping ... Cooking ... Thrifting ... Crafting ... Collecting and more as her blog mentions was the winner of Nancy's Daily Dish held this last June, I was offering a $15.00 giveaway on Nancy's site... stop by to say hi to both of the girls at their blogs...tell them I sent you :) 

I'm honored and excited that Melanie picked out for her daughter's birthday party this little purple theme ... I hope she loves it! Thank you Melanie, it's been fun working with you !!!  xo Sally

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